Tuesday 13 November 2012 by Formelia Alberthine

Abu Qatada escapes deportation as Ryanair flight declared infringement of ‘human rights’

Muslim cleric Abu Qatada will not be deported to Jordan after a judge agreed that plans to return him to his homeland via budget airline Ryanair infringed his human rights.

The appeal at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) was upheld after his lawyers claimed he would be subjected to days, and possibly weeks, of inhumane treatment at the hands of the Irish airline which could severely impact his ongoing mental health.

The judge, who released a statement to support his findings, said no crime could warrant a sovereign state waving another human’s right to an existence free of psychological torment.

“Certainly Mr Qatada clearly poses a threat to the Western world and the values it holds dear to its heart, but we simply could not sanction his repatriation to the Jordanian authorities on Ryanair,” the statement ran.

“Whilst it is beyond little doubt that Mr Qatada was actively seeking followers to plan and execute atrocities against Western targets, it would be plainly wrong of us to permit the kind of atrocity the budget airline was more than likely to inflict upon him.”

Qatada deportation

Chief Executive Officer for Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, called the appeals findings ‘preposterous’.

“Comparing us to an internationally known terrorist threat of such lowly proportions undermines all that we at Ryanair have strived for years to achieve.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to offer Mr Qatada the chance to experience how real acts of brutality are coordinated, sometimes surreptitiously, with a work placement in our Dublin office.”

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