Wednesday 7 November 2012

Barack Obama considering counter-offer from local accountancy firm

After thanking the American people for offering him the job of President, Barack Obama has asked for the weekend to think about it.

Obama told friends he was flattered to be asked to remain as the leader of the free world, but that he had to consider ‘all options’ at this point in his career.

A source inside the White House explained, “Barack has really enjoyed his time as President, but from a CV perspective, is 8 years doing the exact same thing really the best for him and his career?”

“I know if I was interviewing him in 2016 I’d question his motivation – ‘did you get too comfortable?’ ‘why didn’t you look a for a fresh challenge?'”

“As it is he has a great counter-offer from a mid-sized accountancy firm in the Washington area who are looking to bolster their legal practise.”

“He’d have five direct reports on day one, and could potentially make partner inside three years.”

“The salary is very competitive, and certainly enough to consider leaving the relative security of life as a civil servant.”

Obama counter-offer

Political analysts have said that although Obama’s indecision puts the nation in a tough position for a few days, they understand the need.

As one leading Democrat said, “This is the next four years of his life – you can’t expect him to rush to a decision on something like that.”

“We hope he stays, but we’re sure he’ll be a success at whatever he decides to do.”

Obama is not the only presidential candidate facing career choices, as news emerged that losing candidate Mitt Romney has been offered the role of ‘front of house’ at a new Denny’s in Milwaukee.

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