Tuesday 6 November 2012 by Gary Stanton

50 million people abused by senior conservative during the 1980s

The entire population of the UK who claim they were abused by a senior Conservative during the 1980s have given a cautious welcome to the inquiry into abuse announced by the Prime Minister.

Allegations of abuse began to emerge as early as May 1979 after schoolchildren began to notice someone had stolen their state-provided milk.

Two years later, the abuse intensified as most Britons realised the only paid work available was to appear as an extra in a Jimmy McGovern drama.

Simon Williams, who worked as a “miner”, a job which involved the removal of “coal” from deep inside the “ground”, recalled the torment he suffered:

“She was a blonde lady, mid forties, very respectable looking, very convincing,” he told us.

“She won my trust by promising me everything was going to be alright if I would vote for her.”

“Then she metaphorically fucked me in the arse. Despite my protests, she kept on doing it until 1990.”

Conservative abuse in 80s

Williams insists the perpetrator didn’t act alone, but as part of a ring of abusers known as “The Cabinet” – a group of high-ranking conservatives who wore cravats and preyed on the weak and vulnerable.

Sally Atkinson, a nurse, was offered shares in private companies if she kept quiet about the goings-on.

“Everybody knew they were being shafted but nobody did anything about it. Jimmy Somerville was the only one prepared to stand up to her. And he was only 5 foot 2 inches.”

“In order to cope I started to hang out with Phil Redmond, who introduced me to Billy Bragg records. It helped for a while, until he started to sing. After that I stuck to instrumentals,” she added.

Police are now following up over 50 million separate lines of enquiry, with their investigations focussing on the elderly resident of a care home in Central London.

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