Monday 5 November 2012 by Alex

Police officer ‘discharged whilst in vicinity of Kate Middleton’

Scotland Yard has launched an enquiry after a royalty protection officer accidentally shot his load whilst watching over the Duchess of Cambridge.

It is understood that the officer was handling his weapon whilst standing guard over the Duchess, who was performing royal duties at her remote farmhouse in North Wales.

Prince William was on duty at the time in his role as a Search-and-rescue helicopter pilot, and was unaware of the incident, which was described as ‘a sticky situation’.

Pearl Necklace

The officer concerned later spoke of his embarrassment.

“Being given the Duchess of Cambridge job had made me exceptionally proud,” he said.

“The night shift is usually quiet, and although the Duchess had aroused me at eight, I expected to be pulled off by ten.”

“I’m sorry that turned out to be premature.”

The Duchess herself appeared unharmed although dishevelled as she was taken from the rear of the property wearing an electric blue dress and pearl necklace.

A spokesman from the Palace denied any security failing.

It is understood that the Duchess is protected by a ring of steel, and that this was not penetrated.

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