Friday 2 November 2012 by Spacey

It’s getting dark early isn’t it, reveal annoying pricks at 4.30pm

Annoying pricks that sit next to you at work are still pointing out that it’s getting dark earlier since the clocks went back.

With some people in your workplace treating daytime becoming nighttime as some kind of unexplained phenomenon, the likelihood of them pointing out what you have already realised over a number of years will increase dramatically at about 4.30pm.

Some workers have expressed their frustration at their colleagues’ inability to work out that putting the clocks back by an hour will have the immediate impact of it getting darker an hour earlier.

“Yes, I know it’s getting dark early!” blasted 34 year-old Graham Holliday.

“I noticed it on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and yesterday.”

“No doubt I’ll have already worked it out when I am reminded for the 16th fucking time later on today.”

“For Christ’s sake, the clocks change every six months, we don’t get abducted by aliens.”

Darker earlier, apparently

Newsagents have also pointed out that they are in danger of resorting to violence as they struggle to cope with being reminded of what they already know by every other person that enters their premises.

“The clocks go back every year and have done for nearly a century,” sobbed Tony Cruickshank of TC Convenience Store in Wigan.

“I know that it’s getting dark earlier than it was this time last week.”

“I know this because I am in close proximity to a window, and the window’s mystical see-through qualities allow me to see that it’s getting dark outside.”

“Seriously, if I had a pound for every time someone told me that it’s getting dark I’d have enough money to pay the prices I charge for cat food.”

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