MPs imposing their personal views stops me imposing my personal view, claims Nadine Dorries

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MP Nadine Dorries has claimed that MP Anna Soubry is a clear example of an MP imposing her personal view to stop her imposing her personal view.

Soubry told MPs that the government no longer plans to undertake its own consultation on abortion counselling, something Dorries has a very strong personal opinion about.

Dorries told reporters, “I think it’s disgusting that in this day and age an MP can make such massive decisions based on their own beliefs, without my beliefs being taken into account.”

“I think it’s critical that we have a say in what women do with their bodies, and that’s not just my opinion, it’s also the opinion of some people who agree with me.”

Abortion Counselling

Anti-abortion campaigners had been calling for pregnant women to be lectured to by other people who don’t care what the woman wants, a policy fully supported by Dorries.

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Dorries continued, “I firmly believe it’s my role as a good Christian to stand up for unborn fetuses, and the best way to do that is to make pregnant women get counselling from someone who can introduce some guilt into the equation.”

“What? Yes, this is my personal opinion. Sorry? Oh, yes, I do want this to influence the legal process. Hang on, I see what you’re trying to do.”

“No, this absolutely isn’t just me trying to impose my own personal belief on the legal process like Anna Soubry.”

“No it isn’t, shut up.”