Wednesday 31 October 2012 by Spacey

We will allow people the freedom to protest as long as they don’t protest, reveals Bahrain government

Bahrain has banned all protests and gatherings until such a time as people stop carrying out protests or standing near each other.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifah said “repeated use of freedom of speech and expression” could no longer be accepted.

“Protests will only be permitted in circumstances where people are not protesting,” he said.

“We will keep the ban in place until such a time as protests have completely stopped. We will then relax the ban, but only if no-one starts protesting again.”

Bahrain protests

The protests, which the interior minister said consist of people expressing hurtful views, have forced the government to protect its feelings using a combination of tactics ranging from violent, brutal and violently brutal.

“People who want to express their views by making their views known are ruining it for all the people who choose to express their views by not saying or doing anything.”

“Protesters are selfishly stopping people from not having their voices heard.”

Following the UN Human Rights Commissioner, Navi Pillay’s comment that criticising the government and calling for reforms was not a crime, Sheikh Rashid was quick to respond.

“Well, they bloody well are now,” he said.

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