Prisoners demand right to not vote

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Prisoners have insisted that not being able to say ‘Oh, I don’t vote’ infringes upon their human rights.

With the government currently evaluating proposals which will grant prisoners to the right to not vote like everyone else, those incarcerated have spoken positively about the change.

Prisoner Simon Williams told us, “It’s an important part of UK life to be able to say things like ‘I don’t trust any of them’ or ‘What’s the point they’re all the same’.”

“As it is, we’re being denied that basic right. And that’s wrong.”

“When I don’t vote for politicians I want it to be on my terms, not those dictated to me by politicians I didn’t vote for.”

Prisoner vote

Not everyone has welcomed the move, with people who’ve never been in prison concerned that those inside will be on a level playing field when it comes to political ambivalence.

“Prisoners don’t deserve the right to not vote,” explained Sharon Harrison, a person keen for us to explain she has never broken the law.

“If they wanted the right to disdainfully ignore the democratic process then they shouldn’t have committed any crimes.”

“I’m proud of the fact that everyone currently refusing to partake in the process of electing the next shower of shite into Whitehall is a law-abiding citizen.”

“Long may it continue.”