Tuesday 23 October 2012

Can we skip to the bit where Piers Morgan goes to prison, asks everyone

Allegations of phone hacking by the Daily Mirror have led to everyone asking it we could just fast-forward to the bit where Piers Morgan is photographed in his prison scrubs.

Until now the phone hacking enquiry was seen as the reason the News of The World no longer exists, but of little other value to the man on the street.

However the prospect of Piers Morgan officially being classified as a criminal has made everything very interesting again.

As one newspaper reader explained, “I have no interest in watching months of half-truths and televised inquiries unless someone can guarantee me I’ll get to see a paparazzi photo of Piers Morgan leaving court in the back of a police van.”

“If that’s going to happen, then you’ll have my undivided attention for as long as you need it.”

“And anything you can do to speed it all along would be just great.”

Daily Mirror hacking

People who know who Piers Morgan is have already spoken excitedly about the prospect of any legal investigation.

Simon Williams spoke of his personal hope for any investigation, telling us, “I’d like a nice lingering shot of Piers Morgan’s smug face slowly falling as he realises he’s going to prison. That would be just delicious.”

“When he eventually gets out maybe we can get someone to interview him on prime-time television, and then we can all enjoy the stories about how he was abused day after day?”

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