Friday 19 October 2012

Your right to discriminate is being discriminated against, warns Nick Griffin

BNP leader and MEP Nick Griffin has insisted that not letting racists and homophobes discriminate against whoever they feel like discriminates against their human right to discrimination.

Griffin was talking to reporters after a Christian B&B owner was ordered to pay £3,600 in damages to a gay couple after she refused to let them sleep in a double bed at her guesthouse.

The BNP leader told reporters, “It is outrageous that in this day and age businesses can’t choose to refuse service to gays, blacks, Irish or those brown ones with the funny cloth hats.”

“Businesses should be able to discriminate freely without the fear of their discrimination being discriminated against. You’re treating us racists and homophobes like we’re black or something.”

“It is the Liberal elite that has got everyone being respectful to people different from us, when in reality the silent majority agrees with me that we should hate everyone a bit different from what we see in a mirror.”

“Oh yes they do.”

Nick Griffin on discrimination

The most eloquent mouthpiece the nation’s racists could find went on, “Tweeting their address was not an intimidation tactic, as the BNP is well-known for its candlelit vigils and peaceful protests.”

“How anyone could see this as a threatening move is beyond me. Who doesn’t like a visit from a bunch of angry skinheads?”

Experts in psychiatric medicine have said that Griffin’s latest outburst bears all the hallmarks of someone who was starved of affection as a child, or was perhaps bitten by a homosexual.

Dr Simon Williams concluded, “He’s such an angry man, I think he probably just needs a cuddle.”

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