Friday 19 October 2012 by Spacey

Nick Griffin loses game of hide and seek after attempting to hide behind silent majority

BNP leader Nick Griffin is to reassess his tactic of remaining undetected behind non-existent things after he was discovered this morning attempting to hide behind a silent majority.

Mr Griffin, who was taking part in a hide and seek competition with reason and logic, was discovered straight away by the whole country due to his hiding place only existing in his head.

The MEP, who represents people from the North West of England who evidently believe that denying the holocaust doesn’t play a prominent enough role in creating a better society, insisted that everyone should have the right to discriminate in their own home even if they opened up that home to the public.

Mr Griffin initially denied that he had been spotted and insisted that just because no-one had ever seen the silent majority, it doesn’t mean they are not there.

“Well, if they spoke out they wouldn’t be silent would they – you Liberal elitists are so stupid.”

The Silent Majority

The former member of the National Front made a further attempt to hide, but was again discovered immediately after he hid behind the equally non-existent ‘heterophobia’.

“Heterophobia is something that happens everyday, but people are too scared to talk about it,” he insisted.

When pressed on who it was that was too scared to talk about it, Mr Griffin said, “The silent majority of course!”

“Haven’t you been listening to anything I ‘ve said?”

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