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England players provoked crowd taunts by being black, claims Serbian FA

The Serbian FA has rejected claims that its fans racially abused England players during yesterday’s Euro 2013 U21 play-off, insisting their fans had no alternative but to taunt England’s players after being subjected to the colour of their skin.

The Serbian FA has denied there were any racist chants before and during the England Under-21 match in Krusevac and insisted that some of the England players spent the entire game being blatantly black.

In a statement on its website, the Serbian FA said: “The monkey chants that were heard quite clearly throughout the game, and were accompanied by monkey-like arm movements were actually a tribute to the 1975 hit single by The Goodies called Funky Gibbon.”

“We are very much fans of The Goodies in Serbia.”

“The unpleasantness that was witnessed at the end of the game was not as a result of our fans being racist, but as a result of some of England’s players embarking on a career in professional football despite knowing full well that they are black.”

“This was clearly a premeditated, inappropriate, unsportsmanlike and vulgar attack on the eyes of the Serbian fans.”

Serbian racism

The statement went on to claim that the missiles that were launched at England’s players during the game were thrown by Serbian fans entirely against their will.

“It is ridiculous to suggest that the various objects that could be seen quite visibly bouncing off the England players was the fault of the Serbian supporters.”

“There can be no doubt that some of the England players, in particular Danny Rose, used the colour of their skin to hypnotize our fans into throwing their possessions onto the pitch.”

“If anything they should be arrested for theft.”

“We are confident that UEFA will reach what is clearly an obvious conclusion.”

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