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Theresa May stops extradition of Gary Mckinnon using thing she wants to repeal

British computer hacker Gary McKinnon will not be extradited to the US after Home Secretary Theresa May insisted that it would be incompatible with his rights under an Act that she wants to get rid of.

The Home Secretary told the House of Commons that she had “no choice” but to reject the request for extradition of McKinnon, all thanks to those pesky human rights that people keep banging on about.

Ms May, who called for the Human Rights Act to be repealed during a speech at the 2011 Conservative Party conference, said the sole issue she had to consider were the rights that he wouldn’t have if she had her way.

At the time she said, “We all know the stories of the illegal immigrant who couldn’t be deported because, and I am completely making this up, he had a cat.”

Gary McKinnon extradition bid rejected

In a prepared statement regarding McKinnon’s extradition, she told MPs, “The Human Rights Act has been a proper pain in my arse in this case.”

“Every time I told an aide that I just wanted to do whatever America asked, they’d wave a copy of this bloody Act in front of me and explain that I wasn’t actually allowed to do that.”

“Is it any wonder I’ve spent the last two years trying to get rid of it?”

“Trust me, I will be redoubling my efforts to see the UK ditch this overly-compassionate piece of citizen-protecting legislation.”

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