Baumgartner cancels ‘suicidal’ stunt of visiting NHS hospital at weekend

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Daredevil skydiver Felix Baumgartner has cancelled his next stunt, of willingly submitting himself to the NHS treatment on a weekend.

Baumgartner is renowned for his death-defying jumps, but acknowledged that ‘the odds were too high’ for dropping into an A&E department on a Sunday.

“Ass ein Austrian mitt ein blasé attitude to imaginative suicide, der harsh NHS environment ist like ein flame to mein inner moth”, explained Baumgartner.

“But Mein Gott, wass was ein thinking mitt ein weekender in der? Zer Saturday staff ist from Kwik-Fit und Halfords.”

Weekend NHS

Baumgartner had made a couple of dummy runs for the attempt, having stubbed his toe badly on a Thursday.

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But even with radio support from a team of experts in the car park, the adventurer became dehydrated and short of credit for the TV.

Baumgartner abandoned the trial run after a harrowing 30 minutes, and was eventually allowed to leave just a day and a half later.

“Err ist stickinck to less terryifing stunts on der edge of space in future”, admitted Baumgartner.

“In der NHS on der weekend, no-one can hear you scream.”