David Blaine announces daring plan to listen to Ed Miliband speech ‘in its entirey’

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David Blaine has unveiled his next feat of incredible human endurance, by announcing his intention to watch all of Ed Miliband’s speech to the Labour Party conference.

Blaine, who will be completely unaided by alcohol or other drugs, will be strapped to a chair in front of a widescreen television for the duration of the speech, in a challenge he has described as ‘terrifying’.

The world-famous illusionist told reporters, “I will go into the deepest recesses of my mind in order to find the strength to endure that bit that feels like he’s reading from his CV.”

“I will enter a trance-like state as he goes through all of that ‘One Nation’ stuff in the hope of retaining my mental faculties.”

“There will be no remote control, there will be no safe word.  Once the recording starts I will have no choice but to watch to the very end.”

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Experts have claimed that Blaine’s attempt is ‘reckless’, insisting it could lead to countless copycats being exposed to the ‘off the cuff’ Miliband speech.

Mental health campaigner Simon Williams told us, “Who knows how many children might hear about this challenge and think it’s something they can attempt in the safety of their own homes?”

“Blaine could be directly responsible for a nation full of tiny Miliband drones. God help us.”