Megan Head: Parents’ evening ‘could be a tad awkward’

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Following news that maths teacher Jeremy Forrest is to return to the UK, the headteacher of Megan Stammers’s school has described an upcoming parents’ evening as ‘potentially a tad awkward’.

“There are always a couple of tough parents to deal with,” he said. “But we’re hoping that they won’t use the whole ‘maths teacher absconds with pupil’ thing to make a big fuss out of nothing.”

“They only get four minutes with each teacher, so to be honest we’re hoping that nobody mentions it.”

“There are so many other great things the school community should be talking about, such as our improved GCSE results, and the success of our after school tuition clubs.”

“Well, most of them.”

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Parents angry

The headteacher denied that parents were angry, following press reports that the school had been aware of an ‘inappropriate relationship.’

“That is completely false,” he said. “Parents have been very supportive, and I’m sure they agree with me that the sooner he gets back to work the better.”

“Although it is true that he had been accused of having a relationship – which did ring alarm bells.”

When asked whether this meant ‘a relationship with a pupil,’ the headteacher replied: “No. He’s a maths teacher. Just any relationship.”