Whole of UK turned blind eye to Savile abuse, apparently

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It has emerged that the entire population of the UK has known for years that Jimmy Savile was a paedophile.

Savile, who died less than 12 months ago, was the host of numerous popular TV and radio shows and also Top of the Pops.

As alleged details of the flamboyant showbiz personality’s abuse of children hit the headlines, the public have revealed that they had always known what was going on, but chose to says nothing.

“How could anyone not know he was a paedophile?” asked 43 year-old John Mercer from Telford.

“The only thing that’s surprised me about all this is that his surname actually only contains one L.”

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Savile allegations

The Leeds born celebrity was well-known for his garish tracksuits, catchphrases and trademark cigars, but the public are now citing his ability to act inappropriately around underage girls as the thing they remember about him most.

“It was obvious that he was a nonce,” said Kerry Grant from Northampton.

“Every time I saw him on the telly he made my skin crawl, but he did a lot of work for charity, so I think that cancelled all the rapey stuff out.”

After his death, Savile’s coffin was displayed at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds and about 4,000 people, all of whom knew that he was definitely a paedophile, visited to pay tribute.

“He’s dead, so why rake all this up now?” asked retired Catholic priest Seamus O’Malley.

“It’s not fair that he doesn’t have the opportunity to stand up in court and pretend that he didn’t do what everyone knows he did.”

“Just let the disgusting nonce rest in peace.”