Friday 28 September 2012

Mercedes engineers excited by prospect of working closely with Nicole Sherzinger

As Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton announced his move from McLaren to Mercedes, race-day engineers at his new team insisted they couldn’t wait to start working close to his girlfriend.

Hamilton will race for Mercedes from next season, whilst Nicole Sherzinger is expected to be hanging around the garage close to the engineers from pre-season testing in February.

Simon Williams, who wears overalls and a helmet on race day said, “I get to play with a massive drill that I can show Nicole, I bet she’ll like that. She can hold it and squeeze it she wants to.”

Another explained, “I do engines, big, powerful, noisy engines – and I’d be happy to talk to her about them whenever she likes. If the noises scare her she can grab on to me, obviously.”

Lewis Hamilton move

Formula One experts have said the move continues the fairytale of a man who can point a car in the right direction most of the time making millions and millions of pounds.

Former driver Martin Brundle said, “What Lewis has done here is realise a dream he’s had since a child, that of making ridiculous amounts of cash.”

“Sure, he’ll be driving a worse car to do it, but think of the money he’ll be making. Just think of it.”

“For that sort of contract I’d be happy to compete in a Ford Fiesta.”

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