Australia dare to dream as underdogs stun Ireland in Twenty20

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They may be ranked only 9th in the world but eleven plucky men from Australia may be about to defy expectations and reach the group stage of the World Twenty20 cricket tournament.

Today’s result means that another defeat for the Irish would send them crashing out of the competition – and send Australia through to mix it with the likes of South Africa, India and – of course – England.

For Ireland it would be a cruel blow. The nation only recently suffered the indignity of being overtaken by Australia in those rankings.

But it is now the Aussies who are looking up in the table – and breathing down the necks of the likes of cricketing giants such as Bangladesh.

Name is apparently ‘George Bailey’

The island, situated of the coast of New Zealand, has a proud cricketing history.

Eddie Baldwin, a Victorian, works in his local cooking lager factory. He has been following Australian cricket all his life.

“Bradman… Border… Waugh… Warne – great names from the past and all legends,” he says. “And this current side might be heading up there to join them.”

“There’s Watson, Hussey… um… the other Hussey? Um… a couple of guys who bowl… can’t really remember their names, umm… and the other ones. Merv Hughes..?”

George Bailey, Australia’s stunned but delighted captain, said that he would not allow the result to go to his team’s heads.

“Obviously we’re in dreamland at the moment,” he said. “But we’re not through yet, and if we do we might face a tough game against England. That’ll be…”

“Hang on – I just got a message on my phone. ‘Round the wicket against Buttler – bring in a short square leg.’ Thanks KP, mate!”