Tuesday 18 September 2012

Mitt Romney to bet every American $10,000 he’s not too ‘out of touch’ to be president

Gaffe prone Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney today announced his new campaign strategy, with a $10,000 bet against every American who thinks he’s too far out of touch with reality to be President.

After telling people at a fund raiser that the 47% of the US population that don’t pay income tax were “not his problem”, campaign chiefs said the new bet would show everyone he means business in this election.

Romney told reporters, “I am determined to show the people of America that I know what it’s like to be a person in America.”

“I understand that in the current economic climate people don’t just have $10,000 lying around in change, so get one of your aides to go to the bank and get it for you.”

“Then put it on the table next to mine and if I don’t prove I’m in complete touch with the common man you get to keep both piles.”

“But when I take your money, you’ve still got to vote for me – deal?”

Romney Gaffe

Republicans have leapt to the defence of Romney, explaining that people have misunderstood his statement regarding the 47%.

As one supporter explained, “You’re deliberately misinterpreting him. He merely said that people without a proper job who don’t pay any tax vote for Obama.”

“Oh, you’re right, that does make Mitt Romney sound like an Obama voter.”

“But don’t feel sorry for him – he’s a Mormon, so when his bid to be president finally dies I think it gets its own planet.”

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