Tuesday 4 September 2012

Cameron reshuffle sees Department of Health idiot replaced with moron

Prime Minister David Cameron has removed Andrew Lansley from his position of Health Minister and replaced him with oh my God are you sure that’s right?

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has somehow done enough to be handed one of the leading Government posts, a move many are claiming are we positive that’s not a typo, has anyone checked?

Political commentators have been left shocked by the news, with one telling us, “I genuinely thought it was impossible to put anyone worse than Andrew Lansley in charge of the NHS, but it seems I was wrong.”

“I think this news can only mean that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp are going to move into healthcare business, and needed someone friendly on the ‘inside’.”

Jeremy Hunt Health Minister, really

Users of the NHS claim they are delighted to see the back of Andrew Lansley, whilst simultaneously horrified to the front of Jeremy Hunt.

Nurse Deidre Williams told us, “Have you ever wanted to cheer and vomit at the same time? Well I have, now.”

However some have insisted the new Health Department role for Jeremy Hunt is a long way from being a ‘promotion’.

“Of course it’s not a promotion, he’s been given the job of being in charge of a department that the government is trying to reduce to a portacabin of poorly trained nurses. Think about it.”

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