Thursday 30 August 2012 by Alex Marsh

Clegg: “urgent need for popular measures not in budget I voted for a few months back.”

Nick Clegg has called for an emergency tax on very rich people, despite this not being included in the Coalition budget a few months back.

“We need an emergency tax on rich people, and we need it urgently,” he demanded.

When asked about the budget that he voted for and, presumably, as Deputy Prime Minister had some say in drafting, Clegg looked confused for a while before conceding: “oh – THAT budget.”

“I think you’ll find that old budget was when we all had loads of money,” he said, speaking of March this year. “There’s a recession now. Hadn’t you heard?”

“Besides, we had to lower taxes for very rich people to stop them leaving the country. If they’d left the country we wouldn’t have been able to collect this new Rich Tax.”

Liberal Democrat Conference

The proposed Rich Tax is expected to be on the agenda at the Liberal Democrat conference, due to take place in Brighton next month.

“We’ll have a chance to debate it, and following this we’ll decide whether it is adopted as official party policy and then presented to George Osborne as a LibDem demand,” said an activist.

“Then we’re all going to leave the convention hall, step out onto the front, and take a massive piss into the wind.”

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