Eighties star Joe Dolce to advise England Cricket Team on life after Number One.

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Eighties pop star Joe Dolce from the Joe Dolce Music Theatre is help the England Cricket Team by sharing his experiences of coping with a sudden descent after a brief and unexpected period at number one.

Dolce, an Australian, topped the singles charts in 1981 with the novelty record ‘Shuddup You Face.’

“This is a tremendous new challenge for me,” he said of his new role as team mentor. “Some people are destined to reach the top, but for many it comes from nowhere, and then there occurs a crushing sense of loss when reality re-establishes itself.”

“I’m looking forward to working with the guys – whoever’s in charge.”

Dolce was keen to stress his credentials for the role.

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“When the Joe Dolce Music Theatre disbanded, I thought I might move on into medicine, or perhaps international conflict resolution. But working with the England Cricket Team just clicked. We were able to find immediate common ground, especially as I never sold that many records in India or Pakistan.”

Pietersen Situation

When asked if he may be able to resolve some of the problems surrounding Kevin Pietersen, Dolce appeared positive.

“It’s exactly my sort of thing,” he said. “I’ve been monitoring the dressing room situation and there are clearly issues with gotta-no-respect.”

Although the pop charts in 1981 were fiercely competitive, Dolce has sympathy with the English struggle.

“I guess the difference between us is that England have been quickly superseded by the obvious superiority of the South Africans.”

“Whereas it was Roxy Music who knocked me off the top spot. And I don’t think anybody seriously suggests that they were any better than me.”