‘Still not remotely tired-looking’ Mo Farah chased from parents’ group by bleary-eyed fathers.

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Olympic superstar and parent of newborn twins Mo Farah was forced to flee a baby-and-parents’ group after being accused of ‘still not looking remotely tired.’

The athlete, whose brace of gold medals thrilled the nation in August, had been expected to attend the session looking at least a little bit drawn from the previous week’s events.

Witnesses however described him turning up at the Feltham Community Centre at a jog, beaming and joking about nights up looking after his twin girls.


“I’m a big fan of Mo Farah, but enough is enough,” said one parent. “He ran in, flitted around playing with the babies, fixed us all teas and coffees, mended the broken changing table then offered to change all the kids’ nappies. He could at least have displayed some tact towards us normal humans.”

“I love my little boy,” said another. “But the little bastard’s been up six times a night all week, and I’m done for. What makes him so special?!?”

Farah said he was surprised by the response. “I got up that morning at four, made breakfast for Tania, practised the 10,000 metres a couple of times, zipped to Tesco for some stuff, practised the 5,000 metres, did some weights, relaid the patio in the back garden, helped my mate Ian to move house then came home for some lunch and to help out with the kids,” he said.

“I was telling the guys at the group about this, when things started to turn nasty.”

Witnesses told of Farah subsequently being pursued down Feltham High Street by bleary-eyed parents.

“We almost got him as well,” said one. “He was only trotting for a bit, just ahead of the mob. But then he put on this big spurt outside Greggs and headed off into the distance. The last we saw he was doing that ridiculous thing with his arms on his head. Then he disappeared into Mothercare.”