The Sun successfully defends position as leading source of nudity-related ‘news’

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The Sun is today celebrating the successful defence of its position as the leading provider of nudity news in the UK.

As the first ‘newspaper’ to publish photos of a naked Prince Harry in a Las Vegas hotel room, The Sun has reinforced its reputation for combining things that people don’t care about with pictures of naked young people.

Despite facing criticism from some quarters, The Sun has defended its right to publish photos of naked young people as long as it’s ‘in the public’s interest to give us money for doing so’.

The Sun’s managing editor David Dinsmore said it was perverse that a ‘newspaper’ which filled its pages every day with bare flesh instead of actual news should be prevented from publishing bare flesh instead of actual news.

He told reporters, “If it involves nudity, feels a bit sleezy, and has an element of questionable morality about it – then The Sun is where it should be.”

The Sun’s Prince Harry photos

Regular picture-lookers of the The Sun have welcomed the publication of the photos because they don’t know how to use the Internet.

Man who clearly doesn’t know any better Simon Williams told us, “If I’m happy at looking at a full page spread of a 19 year-old Jessica from Northampton’s breasts, and a tiny paragraph her ‘opinion’ on the Olympics, then obviously I’m happy to see a prince in the buff.”

“Though to be honest there should have been more of that strumpet he was hiding behind him.”