Prince Happy praised for embracing local culture on latest ambassadorial visit

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Prince Harry is today receiving universal praise in the press for his sterling efforts in sampling the local way of life during his latest ‘hearts and minds’ visit to the United States.

On previous trips around the world Royal dignitaries have often been criticised for sampling local delicacies, or immersing themselves in the ways of the locals – a claim that can not be levelled at Prince Harry.

As one Palace spokesperson explained, “Dancing naked with strippers in a high-roller’s hotel room is the very essence of Las Vegas life, and it would have been extremely rude not to have sampled this local ritual during his brief visit.”

“Had he gone for a few quiet drinks it would have been a major snub to the indigenous population, and we simply can’t afford another Royal faux pas right now.”

“With Prince Philip in hospital we’ve had a pretty good couple of weeks PR wise, so we’re delighted Harry stepped up and fulfilled his duties appropriately.”

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Prince Harry in Vegas

Vegas residents have spoken fondly of the Prince, and said he’s nothing like the royal family they’d been led to expect.

Hotel worker Chuck Matthews explained, “We’d been told no eye contact and to refer to him as ‘Your Royal Highness’.”

“But by the end of the night he was insisting we all call him ‘Hazza’, telling us to ‘go nude’ and making us join him in Tequila shots from the belly button of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.”

“It’s rare we get visiting dignitaries who you would be proud to call one of your own – but he’s definitely one of them.”