Todd Akin endorses rape as a legitimate contraceptive

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In an attempt to justify his no-exceptions view on abortions, US congressman Todd Akin has insisted that pregnancy resulting from rape is ‘really rare’ because sexual violence is actually a form of contraception.

During an interview with KTVI-TV on Sunday, Mr Akin said, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Mr Akin went on to highlight the money that could be saved from using a more aggressive form of contraception.

“Instead of putting a condom on, why not try a balaclava and some loose fitting trousers,” he said.

“Unlike condoms they can be used again and again.”

Todd Akin talks contraceptives

The 65 year-old Republican, who is refusing to resign from a Senate race in Missouri, also offered advice to couples who wanted to delay starting a family.

“If you’re not trying to conceive, just ensure that you only have sex when your partner vigorously rejects you,” he explained.

“No means no kids, that’s what I say.”

Mr Akin also went on to offer tips to women who may consider the whole experience as horrifically distressing.

“Rape is such an ugly word,” he said.

“Why not try to look at it as more of a ‘love ambush’.”