Nation’s post-Olympics pride crushed by daytime TV

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The pride felt by the nation following the success of the Olympic games has lasted barely 36 hours after it made the mistake of turning the TV on during the day.

Team GB picked up a record medal haul during the games, but the euphoria that followed the global sporting event was short-lived after viewers inadvertently tuned in to an episode of the Jeremy Kyle Show.

“Our athletes did us proud during the Olympics and my pride in being British had been restored,” 29 year-old Jill Jenkins told us.

“But after watching a selection of depressingly fuckwitted gobshites with less teeth than the babies they’re taking DNA tests for, that’s all gone.”

Pride ‘disappeared’

Mike Roberts from Stockport was also struggling to come to terms with the sudden downturn in his mood.

“The jubilation of seeing the likes of Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis triumph at the Olympics was something that I thought would live with me forever, but then I turned on the Wright Stuff.”

“Within the hour I’d developed a drink problem and am now on a course of anti-depressants.”

Psychology expert Dr Frederick Connor revealed that a feeling of deflation following such euphoria wasn’t uncommon, but insisted things could be much worse.

“We should just be thankful that Loose Women is taking a break for the summer,” he said.