David Cameron to take break from holiday to go on holiday before taking holiday

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Prime Minister David Cameron is to recover from his two-week Olympic holiday by taking a holiday before returning in ten days to take a holiday.

Mr Cameron, who has endured a gruelling 16-day schedule of trying to take the credit for the success of others, insisted that he deserved a break.

“I have been extremely busy over the course of the Olympics,” he said.

“Standing next to an Olympian or sitting down watching one is extremely exhausting work.”

“I’m going to take a well-earned break and then return to concentrate on taking a well-earned break.”

Cameron holiday

No details of Cameron’s destinations have been released, but he is expected to take a 10-day break abroad before heading to a UK destination for a break from having a break abroad.

“Holidays are an essential part of being the prime minister,” said a Downing Street Spokesperson.

“I think the fact that the prime minister is prepared to cut short dealing with running the country to take charge of some holidays clearly demonstrates his commitment.”

However it is unclear whether Mr Cameron will continue holidaying beyond the end of the month.

“Given how the government’s cuts have affected the disabled, I think Mr Cameron turning up to offer support at the Paralympics would be taking the piss,” the spokesperson confirmed.