Anchorman 2 to give witless pricks new supply of catch phrases to continually throw at you

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The excitement surrounding the announcement of an Anchorman sequel has been tempered by the realisation that it will lead to you being surround by unfunny pricks endlessly throwing its catch phrases at you.

Though not out for another year, teaser trailers available on the Internet have ensured that people who couldn’t think up something funny if you gave them a day following Boris Johnson still have plenty of things to say.

Movie fan Simon Williams told us, “This is great news for people who can’t think of funny things to say for themselves.”

“Anchorman was a great film, but more importantly it gave people without a sense of humour the belief that saying lines from the movie is a genuinely funny thing to do.”

“I’m still using the ‘I immediately regret this decision’ line five years later. At least twice a day. But not after sex. Well, not any more.”

Anchorman 2

The potential annoyance has led to many non-morons making the rules very clear for people wanting to see the film.

Jane Matthews explained, “Will Ferrell is a very funny man, the film is likely to be very funny.  Can we just leave it at that?”

“You are not Will Ferrell, and this conversation we’re having is not in a movie. Repeatedly saying lines that were funny the first time I heard them, when they were uttered by a globally renowned comedian, does not make you hilarious.”

“It makes me want to physically harm you.”

However not everyone is heeding the warning, with Dave Michaels telling us, “I can’t wait for the new catch-phrases! Did you know I’m the only person is Basingstoke who still answers his phone by shouting ‘Whasssuuuuuup!’?”

“I’m kind of a big deal.”