Monday 6 August 2012

MP Louise Mensch resigns claiming best thing for her family is to ‘leave UK’

MP for Corby Louise Mensch has submitted her resignation to the Prime Minister, claiming the best thing for her family is to move to a different country.

Mensch, who only became an MP in 2010, has been a high profile back-bencher and a vocal part of the Commons Media and Culture Select Committee, impressing many with her ability to ask questions and look stern.

In a statement released to the media she said, “I have backed the government’s austerity plans 100%, and I will continue to do so from a place where they no longer have any effect on the environment my children grow up in.”

“I have complete confidence in this government to turn the country around, and I will be watching intently from a safe distance in my New York penthouse to see how things progress.”

“The UK is a wonderful country, I just don’t want my children to reek of the place.”

Louise Mensch resigns

Her constituents have sympathised with her difficult decision, and insist she’s made the right choice.

As one voter explained, “It can be hard as the wife of Metallica’s manager, particularly after you’ve just launched a business to compete with Twitter.”

“Finding time for the boring stuff like talking to the little people in Corby about their tedious problems is difficult in that situation.”

However a Conservative spokesperson defended Mensch’s move, telling us, “She’s not suggesting that things here are bad – just that things four thousand miles away are much, much better.”

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