Everybody everywhere claiming to have read something by Gore Vidal

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The sad passing of Gore Vidal is being mourned worldwide this morning by people who have definitely read all of his stuff.

Office worker Simon Williams said, “First James Joyce, then Hemingway and now Gore Vidal. It’s going to be hard to pick ourselves up from this.”

“Yeah, I’ve just re-ordered his entire back catalogue through Amazon because I err, gave all my old copies away, but Gore’s been like a friend to me all these years.”

“A voice of sanity in the wilderness. Who is going to hold the politician’s to account now that he’s gone?’

“Excuse me , I’ve got something in my eye.”

Gore Vidal dies at 86

Co-worker, Mandy Simcock added, “When someone at Book Club introduced me to one of Gore Vidal’s novels I thought to myself ‘I might as well throw my TV set onto a skip’ because it’s all about dock workers having gay sex in a subsidised canteen.”

“And I absolutely adored The Naked Civil Servant in which John Hurt plays Vidal to perfection.I had no idea he was English.”


And colleague Steve Nugent, who was gazing thoughtfully out of the window, broke off only to marvel at Vidal’s oeuvre.

“86 –it’s no age is it? Pheeew… books, eh?”

“I’ll be honest with you though – I don’t think opening up a range of hairdressing salons really played to his strengths.”