Friday 27 July 2012 by Gary Stanton

Majority of paralympians ‘fit enough to work’, insists Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith is considering radical proposals to stop disability payments to paralympians who spend their days idling away in wheelchairs when not competing in London 2012, it has emerged.

The Work and Pensions Secretary is believed to have won the support of the Coalition to target inspirational athletes with a broad spectrum of disabilities who take the benefits system for all they can get.

Earlier this week Duncan Smith threatened to suspend the Blue Badge scheme after he was unable to park his Mercedes at the Olympic Stadium owing to the number of disabled parking spaces.

Duncan Smith told reporters, “No one is more proud of our paralymians than I am.”

“However, if you can compete in the 400m with a prosthetic limb, you can jolly well get on a bus and make it down to the jobcentre, provided it’s the kind of bus that has ability to reach down to kerb level assisted by a state-of-the-art suspension system.”

“Open your eyes, time to wake up. Enough is enough is enough is enough”


In an appeal to the rightwing of his party, the Tory diehard warned that para-athletes who fail to provide sufficient evidence that they have been actively seeking work could have their wheelchairs clamped on arriving at the Olympic Stadium.

Duncan Smith added, “Yesterday I saw a so-called partially-sighted archer hit a bullseye from a distance of fifty metres. Are you telling me that person needs a guide dog?”

“Similarly, a man who can throw a lead ball twenty metres from a seated position could do useful work on a building site, perhaps as a hod- carrier for low-level walling.”

Meanwhile, disabled archer Adam Watts hit back angrily at Duncan Smith’s slur, “Er..actually my eyesight’s fine. I’m paralysed below the waist and the Labrador belongs to my sister.”

But last night an unrepentant Duncan Smith had news for paralympians who see the Olympics as a free lunch or high-energy carbohydrate drink.

“The lesson for scroungers is that if you’re fit enough to propel yourself around in a modified go-kart relying solely on the power of your upper arms, then you’re well enough to retrain as a plumber.” he added

“Providing it’s not cash in hand.”

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