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PC Simon Harwood’s house falls down after he uses ‘reasonable force’ to open front door

PC Simon Harwood, who was found not guilty of causing the death of Ian Tomlinson despite video evidence showing him doing it, has narrowly avoided serious injury after using what he decribed as ‘reasonable force’ to open his front door.

PC Harwood described how his front door had obstructed him in the course of getting into his house by failing to comply with his request for entry.

“The door was deliberately getting in my way,” he said.

“I asked it to open, but depite repeated warnings it continued to ignore my requests.”

“It was at this point that I took reasonable steps to gain access to my property by commandeering a double decker bus and forcing the door open at high speed.”

PC Hardwood not guilty

Pc Harwood denied that his actions were excessive by insisting that the door had been causing problems earlier in the day.

“I was cleaning up my kitchen after I smashed up the sink following an incident involving a stubborn lid on a jar of marmalade.” he explained.

“There was a disturbance coming from the hallway that sounded like a knocking coming from the door.”

“The wife had forgotten her key, so I had to throw the television set through the living room window to let her in.”

After he was found not guilty of manslaughter, PC Harwood, 45, was also involved in an altercation with a bottle of champagne.

“The cork refused to come out,” he said

“So I burned down an off license.”

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