‘Swift and sure justice’ will only apply to non-banking crimes, government reassures bankers

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Police Minister Nick Herbert is set to announce plans to ensure that criminals whose crimes aren’t carried out within the banking industry are dealt with in days or possibly hours.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Herbert reassured bankers that any investigation into fraudulent activity in the banking industry would continue to be such a long drawn-out affair that it would inevitably end up being forgotten about.

“The whole point of these reforms is to put the victims first, but only victims of poor people’s crime, not the stuff that’s carried out by people in expensive suits,” he said.

“It is in the interest of justice that poor people are dealt with appropriately and, where they are going to court, that they are brought to court as soon as possible.”

“We don’t want to continue with a system that allows them to have a trial that could find them not guilty.”

Swift and sure justice

Mr Herbert is also expected to announce that courts across England and Wales will have more flexible hours to deal with non-banking crimes quickly, while bankers will continue to be investigated by MPs if and when they can be arsed.

“The best way to ensure that poor people are locked up quickly is to make sure that they have no defence,” he explained.

“We don’t want to give these people time to provide an explanation or plausible reason for their actions.”

“We just want them out of sight and out of mind.”