Chris Moyles quitting Radio 1 could lead to TV appearances, warns BBC

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The BBC have issued a stark warning that Chris Moyles’ announcement that he is quitting his Radio 1 breakfast show could lead to the self-professed funny man making more appearances on TV.

Moyles, who has hosted the show for nine years, made the announcement over a record that frustrated listeners were trying to listen to.

Announcing the news, he said: “I know that the sound of my voice has been a great source of inspiration to all of you.”

“You only have to listen to my team laughing at everything I say and telling me how great I am to realise how funny and great I am.”

“It is with great sadness for you that I announce I’m leaving.”

Moyles leaving Radio 1

The BBC were quick to release a statement warning TV viewers to turn on their sets with extreme caution.

“We’ve managed to restrict Chris to a few TV appearances in the past, but I’m afraid the prospect of him being seen as well as heard will now become far more likely,” warned one Broadcasting house insider.

“We don’t know when or where he could appear, so when turning on your TV we urge you to arm yourselves with a baseball bat.”

“After all it’s preferable to have a broken television than a working one with Chris Moyles on it.”