Monday 9 July 2012 by Spacey

Water companies lift hosepipe ban until such time as people need to use hosepipes

The final four water companies in England with hosepipe bans in place have lifted restrictions, but have warned that they may reintroduce the ban if it starts to look like people might need to use hosepipes.

Water companies, who lose 3.36 billion litres of water a day in leaks, insist that Water has been in short supply because of successive dry winters.

South East Water, Sutton and East Surrey Water, Veolia Water Central and Veolia Water Southeast imposed the restrictions on water use in April, and despite lifting the ban have urged caution because the water resulting from the recent abnormal weather conditions will only last for as long as it takes for it to leak away.

“While the recent weather has boosted supplies, we would urge our customers to continue to use water wisely,” the four firms said in a joint statement.

“It is important that people continue to monitor what they use because it saves us the bother of having to monitor how much we’re pissing away.”

Hosepipe ban rescinded

Water, which is made of rain that falls from the sky and is then sold to us, is popular with all known forms of life and some gardening experts.

One gardening enthusiast from Surrey spoke of his relief that restrictions have been lifted.

“I’ll be sure to use my hosepipe while I can,” he told us.

“My garden is well watered, so there’s no rush on that front.”

“However, my colon could do with a bloody good rinse.”

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