Saturday 7 July 2012 by Spacey

7/7 footage not as impressive as 9/11, confirms media

The lack of news coverage dedicated to the anniversary of the 7/7 terrorist attacks has been put down to the non-existent footage of large planes crashing into enormous buildings.

Fifty-two people were killed and more than 700 injured when terrorists detonated four explosive devices in London without giving people the chance to catch it on camera.

“We’ve got footage of the floods and we’ve got footage of Andy Murray getting to the Wimbledon final,” said a BBC spokesperson.

“What we don’t have is footage of the point when the double decker bus blew up.”

“Unfortunately aftermath shots have a limited shelf life.”

7/7 Anniversary

With 9/11 impact shots available from all angles, the build up to the anniversary of the Twin Towers atrocity is greeted with the same sort of media enthusiasm usually reserved for a major sporting event or some posh people getting married.

“With the Olympics fast approaching we have to ensure that the lessons of these shocking events have been learnt,” revealed Sky News.

“We have to pray nothing like 7/7 happens again.”

“Such carnage and sheer terror!”

“For none of that to be caught on camera is an absolute tragedy.”

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