Thursday 28 June 2012 by Waylandsmithy

‘Bob’s Diamond Used Car Sales’ seeks to distance any association with Barclays

Used car salesmen at Romford’s leading pre-owned emporium are desperately trying to distance themselves from any association with Barclay’s Bank.

‘Bob’s Diamond Used Car Sales’ was launched in May 2012 on the same site as ‘Diamond Cars 4 U’, which closed suddenly after a visit from Trading Standards.

The current owners, Robert Diamond’s wife Angela and two pet Rottweilers ‘Ringer’ and ‘Clocker’, worry that sharing a name with the chief executive of a corrupt high-street bank could damage the reputation they’ve worked hard to build up over the last four and a half weeks.

“I’ve already had one order cancelled this morning”, claimed Diamond, who isn’t here if you’re phoning about that Ford Focus.

“I spent ages trying to convince them we wouldn’t associate ourselves with one of the largest financial institutions in the country.”

“I’m sure we were talking for something like 45 minutes: a nice little earner, now we’ve got that premium rate phone line.”

Bob Diamond criticism

There has been criticism about interest rates on some products, but the economy been blamed for forcing businesses to rip people off.

“One punter claimed that 35% interest on finance was extortion”, said Diamond.

“So we just crossed it out, and wrote in ‘4.6%’.”

“Then we charged them the higher rate on their monthly repayments anyway.”

“It’s no wonder that car dealer in Romford is so annoyed with me: would you buy a used car from a banker?”

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