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Bendtner would have been fined less if his pants had been racist, confirms UEFA

After Denmark striker Niklas Bendtner was fined €100,000 by UEFA for exposing sponsored underwear during a goal celebration against Portugal, UEFA have confirmed that it would have been less if his pants had just featured a racist message.

With Portuguese club Porto only receiving a €20,000 fine from UEFA for racist conduct by their supporters, Niklas Bendtner’s pants have highlighted that UEFA’s main priority is ensuring that advertisers pay vast amounts of money – not that people can participate in or attend sporting events without being subjected to racism.

“Niklas Bendtner’s underpants featured the logo of a well known bookmakers,” explained a UEFA spokesperson.

“We have a zero tolerance policy on company logos appearing during matches when we don’t receive enormous amounts of money for them to appear.”

“If Bendtner’s pants had featured a swastika or if his celebration had been a tribute to The Goodies 1975 hit The Funky Gibbon, then we would have been more lenient, because that wouldn’t cost us any money.”

Bendtner fine

Bendtner, who spent last season on loan at Sunderland from Arsenal, expressed his surprise at the severity of the punishment.

“I’m a little shocked to be honest – when I heard the fine I thought I must have accidentally played in my golliwog underpants.”

“But as the UEFA officials explained to me, they’ll get onto eliminating racism in football as soon as they deal with the real scourge of the modern game – ambush marketing.”

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