I wait for no man, as long as that’s okay with Mr Murdoch, confirms Time

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The Concept of Time has revealed that it will continue being the indefinite progress of existence until such a time as Rupert Murdoch says otherwise.

With Mr Murdoch’s significant influence on the media seemingly allowing him control over everything, Time has said that fears of a smear campaign against it could impact upon it’s role of providing an irreversible succession of events.

“We’ve/We’re/We’ll all done/doing/do things in the past/present/future that we/we’re/we’ll regret/regretting/regret” it admitted.

“What is important is the we’ve/we’re/we’ll learned/learning/learn from those mistakes.”

Murdoch control

Time went on to point to a previous incident that caused damage to its reputation, and revealed that any further smears could prove to damaging to recover from.

“The film The Land That Time Forgot, was an outrageous slur,” it recalled.

“The accusation was ridiculously premature.”

“I hadn’t forgotten it all. It was just on my To-Do List.”

Time admitted that Mr Murdoch isn’t the only person who can influence it’s movement.

“The only person so far who has controlled me is Alex Ferguson. But that’s only when the 90 minutes are up and Man United need an equaliser,” it revealed.