Friday 15 June 2012

Argyll & Bute council criticise 9 year-old’s blog for failure to include fairy stories

Argyll & Bute have banned the photography of their school dinners by 9 year-old blogger after they claimed she had continually failed to make up lovely fairy stories about how lovely everything is.

For several months 9 year-old has been photographing the meals she has eaten at school, and posting them to the Internet.

A council spokesperson explained, “The job of a 9 year-old blogger is create a fantasy land where our meals are delicious and nutritious and cooked by friendly ponies – not to report on the stark realities of council prepared food.”

“We had expected to read about dinner ladies with super powers, and how the birds sang whilst the children ate.  Not the quality of our boiled rice.”

“We are left with no choice but ask she no longer tell people the truth – that is no way for a child to behave.”


Argyl & Bute have removed the ban, insisting they were tired of looking like complete shits across the entire Internet.

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