Cheryl Cole ‘mimed interview’

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Cheryl Cole was the centre of controversy once again last night, after performing an interview with the voice of a 50 year-old male farmer.

Cole had been asked to appear on the Graham Norton Show to respond to claims that she mimes her live performances. But due to a technical fault, her answers instead covered the finer points of sheep folding.

Fans of the singer were quick to offer her support on social media sites, claiming that she has always been one of the UK’s leading proponents of hill farming.

“Great tips on sheep dipping Cheryl! #coleknowsherbotflies”, tweeted 15 year-old Danny Green.

“Luv your sexy deep voice and persistent cough Cheryl #hopeitsnotscrapie”, said another.

Cheryl Cole miming controversy

Cole is used to critics claiming she mimes her live performances, but was visibly upset at suggestions she might be dubbed in real life.

“Fell farming communities are as vulnerable as the pastoral system on which they rely”, she exclaimed.

“Farmers should be rewarded for managing the countryside, and supporting a traditional way of life.”

A spokesman for Cole denied that anyone had interfered with her voice, and claimed that there ‘was probably something wrong with your ears’.

“It’s a bit sexist to suggest that attractive young women can’t be in touch with their more rugged, masculine side”, explained Nigel Freeman.

“Why shouldn’t she have spent nearly a minute hacking up phlegm from the back of her throat, and then make a noise a bit like she was shooting at foxes?”

Graham Norton was forced to call an early end to the show, after suspecting that his other guest, Gary Barlow, was being mimed by a child with learning difficulties.

Barlow’s interpreter later explained that he always sounds like that now, since he had his tongue cut out for touching the Queen’s elbow.