Nick Clegg calls for urgent Inquiry after drawing Scotland in Cabinet Euro 2012 sweepstake

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Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has called for an inquiry into the Cabinet Office Euro 2012 sweepstake after he drew Scotland to win the tournament.

Scotland failed to qualify for the competition, but Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted that he is satisfied that the sweepstake, which has been organised by Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, is entirely above board and he can see no evidence to the contrary.

“I have absolute confidence that Jeremy Hunt has conducted himself impeccably,” revealed Mr Cameron.

“The fact that Danny Alexander drew Brazil and Ed Davey drew Poundland is irrelevent.”

Cabinet Euro Draw

With entry into the sweepstake set at £1, Mr Clegg has alleged that Mr Hunt has stacked the odds of winning the £29 top prize in his favour.

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“There are 16 nations competing in the tournament, but 29 people taking part in the sweepstake,” said Mr Clegg.

“Adding countries that aren’t in the tournament or making countries up in order to make up the numbers isn’t acceptable.”

“I think the fact that Vince Cable drew Andy Murray, highlights that something isn’t right.”

Mr Hunt has denied that he has acted inappropriatly, and revealed that he has every confidence that he will be vindicated just as soon as he’s sacked his latest aide, his cleaner and sacrificed a goat to the Prince of Darkness.

“I made the rules perfectly clear,” insisted Mr Hunt.

“You can’t suddenly change your mind after you’ve drawn a team.”

Mr Hunt wouldn’t be drawn on which team he had selected in the sweepstake, but said he would be disclosing the details in the near future.

“I won’t be revealing the details of my selection until after they have won…..I mean, after the final.” he said.

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