Hacked LinkedIn users report careers appearing distinctly unimpressive

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After reports emerged that 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords may have been stolen, some users are claiming that their accounts now appear to show careers that haven’t really progressed for many, many years.

Though not yet confirmed by the business networking site, the leaked passwords have led to millions of users logging into their account for the first time in years only to discover they are probably further down the career ladder than when they first signed up.

Office worker Simon Williams told us, “I was told to log in and change my password, but when I did in I noticed I’ve been in a series of dead-end jobs for nearly fifteen years. Bloody hackers.

“It seems they’ve made me look like an unambitious jobsworth, more interested in a reliable monthly pay-cheque than career advancement. I’ve no idea how they did it, but they have.

“Is there some appeals process where you can make me look like Mark Zuckerberg instead?”

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LinkedIn hacked

Not all victims have complained about the leaked passwords, with Jamie Barnes insisting it’s nothing but good news as far as he’s concerned.

He told us, “They’ve been in my account posting all sort of links and content. I’ve no idea what, but there’s lots of it.

“But by making me look like I actually use LinkedIn I’ve got now a hundred new connection requests and I’m officially a LinkedIn ‘power user’ – how did that happen?”

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