Car insurance shit bags actually worth despising, finds competition survey

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Car insurance organisations that leave you feeling financially abused on an annual basis are actually deserving of the disdain shown to them, a new survey by the Competition Commission has found.

The survey found that insurance organisations regularly inflate the cost of repairs in order to raise your blood pressure and fleece you of an extra few quid each year.

Consumer Simon Williams told us, “I have a dartboard with car insurance brands instead of numbers, and it gets an awful lot of use around renewal time. But part of me always wondered if I was being fair, and they were jut trying to make an honest buck.

“I guess it turns out they were actually trying to make a few million dishonest ones. And yes, I have swapped the darts for a bow and arrow.”

Car Insurance scam

Car Insurance industry experts have defended the practise of inflating the cost of repairs in return for kick-backs, insisting it merely continues a long tradition of taking advantage of morons who can’t drive.

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Spokesman Terry Matthews told us, “If we didn’t rip off idiots who crash cars, then how will they ever learn? We’re a just a series of extremely wealthy public service organisations looking to make the world a better place.

“But hang on, you’re just writing a story about companies trying to make some money – what are you, some sort of communist?”