Stray Chinese dog pretty annoyed by lengths it had to go to for a snack

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The stray dog which completed a 1700km journey across China after joining a cycle race from Sichuan province to Tibet, has claimed the race members were asking a ‘bit much’ for each meal he received.

The dog, nicknamed “Xiaosa”, joined the cyclists after one of them gave him food – a move which Xiaosa claims merely lured him into their trap of endless running in return for a few dry snacks.

Speaking through a dog interpreter, he told reporters, “They didn’t even let me have a bike of my own. I had to run behind them, on my paws, whilst they wheeled away freely up ahead. They didn’t care.”

“If I wanted even a basic meal I had to run non-stop all day.  No wages, no over-time – just basic sustenance and the odd stroke.”

“I do this thing where I walk around on my hind legs, but they weren’t interested. If I didn’t follow them for up to 60km a day, I didn’t get fed – it was barbaric.”

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“If I was a black man they’d be arrested, but just because I’m a dog it’s considered ‘cute’ – you humans a weird.”

Xiaosa the dog

The dog went on to explain that he’d heard tales of dogs from around the world breaking free of their tormentors, and living lives of luxurious opulence.

He went on, “I heard a story from one tourist that dogs in America only have to bark and they get a biscuit. It sounds like heaven.”

“On the other hand, my cousin Dave ran through Korea and ended up in a casserole, so maybe I’m the lucky one.”

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