Sol Campbell warns England fans at Euro 2012 they risk seeing team ‘play’

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Former Tottenham and Arsenal defender Sol Campbell has advised England football fans to ‘stay away’ from Euro 2012, for fear of witnessing humiliating displays of ineptitude on the pitch.

Campbell told BBC’s Panorama that having watched footage of the England team in training and in their warm-up game against Norway on Saturday he ‘feared for the sanity’ of any supporters who risked attending the tournament.

“Stay away, watch it on TV if you must, but don’t go there. You could end up coming back in a tedium-induced coma”, warned Campbell.

“These players are twenty years behind their competitors in terms of skill and fitness.”

“We’re going to hear orchestrated choruses of booing throughout the tournament wherever England play, and quite frankly its going be well-deserved.”

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Euro 2012 concerns

Panorama filmed secret footage of the England squad in training, squandering possession, failing to keep their shape in midfield, and indulging in what Match of the Day panellist Alan Hanson uncharacteristically described as ‘shocking defending’.

Independent observer Luke Weinstein said, “It’s atrocious and embarrassing what we are seeing out there.”

“It’s not something we’re used to these days. It embarrasses the whole country. England supporters are going to be shocked by what they see this summer.”