Vatican sacks banker after drawing line at abuse of its money

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The Catholic Church has finally shown just where it draws the line on the behaviour of its employees, after the Vatican bank sacked its director for not looking after the church’s money as well as it would like.

The director of the Vatican Bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, has been removed from his post for “dereliction of duty”, illustrating just how quick the church is to act when someone jeopardises the well-being of any money under its care.

A Vatican spokesperson explained, “This is money we’re talking about, not abused children. Nothing is more important than the money at the heart of the organisation.”

Relieved Catholics have said they are delighted to see such prompt and decisive action taken by the church at a time when accusations are being thrown around that it simply ‘doesn’t care’.

Regular church-goer Simon Williams said, “The church obviously cares, millions of parishioners gave that money willingly – even when they couldn’t afford it – and the Vatican could not have done more to protect those kind donations by members of the church.”

Vatican sacks banker

Some have suggested that this shows the Church has turned the corner on taking action against misbehaving employees.

Organisational analyst Mike Smithers told reporters, “There are people who claimed the Catholic Church always turns a blind eye to any abuse carried out by its staff – but I think we can all now see that this is simply not the case.”

“When the abuse is inflicted onto something that the Vatican really cares about, nobody acts quicker.”