Emile Heskey arrives in Hull to discuss move to Leicester

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After being released by Aston Villa, former England striker Emile Heskey is believed to have arrived in Hull to discuss a move to Leicester, missing his targeted destination by approximately 83 miles.

Heskey is believed to have veered off course after spotting some goalposts on a playing field on the A38 outside leicester.

The former Liverpool and Wigan frontman, who scored 9 goals for Aston Villa in 90 league appearances, is believed to be keen on a move back to his hometown club as soon as he’s worked out where it is.

Some Leicester City fans have expressed doubts over a possible move for Heskey, with some raising concerns that his best days are very much like the opposition goalmouth during games – behind him.

“I’ve spoken to a few Villa fans about his performances for them,” revealed Leicester fan Grant Harrison.

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“They mostly seem to be of the opinion that he needs a sat-nav to find his way into the six-yard box.”

Heskey released

Leicester have not released any official statement regarding Heskey, but manager Nigel Pearson has revealed details of an exciting Brazilian talent that an unnamed agent has given the club first refusal on.

“I’ve not met the lad yet, but the agent has assured me that his first and second name end in an ‘O’ which means he’s guaranteed to be world class.”

“I think it was something like Emilio Heskinho.”

“That should get the fans excited.”